Monday, February 9, 2009

Using webmin to administer your EON NAS

Using webmin to administer your EON ZFS NAS is fairly simple. You can get and learn more about webmin here. The Solaris package was used in this example setup.

After being downloaded. Note this step has to be run on a system that has a working pkgtrans.
pkgtrans webmin-1.450.pkg /tmp all
This converted the package from a data stream to file system format and produced the directory containing the package in file system format.

I then created the following directories on my zpool:
mkdir pool/webmin
mkdir pool/varwebmin
then I symlinked the following:
cd /etc ; ln -s ../abyss/webmin webmin
cd /var ; ln -s ../abyss/varwebmin webmin
cd /opt ; ln -s ../abyss/WSwebmin/reloc webmin
cd /var/log ; ln -s ../../abyss/bandwidth bandwidth
finally, cd /opt/webmin (this is only needed once)
cd /opt/webmin
and to start
cd /etc/webmin
Here's quick capture of the session:

Screenshot of running processes
Here you can see the 500MB ZFS swap
Service Management Facility


Ty said...

First off thanks for all the hard work on this. I think it needs to be promoted a little more. I have been looking for a ZFS/Opensolaris minimal build for some time now. I am trying to follow the webmin portion but pkgtrans does not appear to be installed on the latest x64 build unless I am missing something. I am still a solaris noob. Any tips on how to get the package installed without pkgtrans?

Andre said...

Sorry, for not making it clear that the pkgtrans was done on a regular install that contains the pkgtrans (pkg) tool.

I left it out because of memory/footprint considerations. The bigger the image the less ram left for ZFS to perform.

I will see what I can do with the pkg tools.

Ty said...

Thanks Andre! I ended up doing the same thing. I also noticed when I create a local user account after installation to a Vmware Disk it does not survive a reboot. Is there something that needs to be done as SSH is disabled for root as it should be but I now have to go re-create a local account after every reboot to gain remote access to it. I am close to dumping the full Nevada install for this but just need to work a couple of more kinks out.

Are there plans to host a site for EON somewhere? Not that the blog is bad but a real site with forums etc would be nice. I can help out if you like just let me know.

Thanks again

Andre said...


The idea behind EON is after making changes that need to survive a reboot, you run /usr/bin/ before you reboot. has some default preserves it checks for updates but you can add your own also to the FILES list.

There is an admin/eonstore account that you log in then su. The passwd can be changed (passwd admin) and preserved.

Currently, there are no plans to host a site because of time, maintenance. You are however right that a forum would be better suited.

Andre said...

Forgot to mention, running preserves the original image as .oem and each update is incremented .1, .2 etc.

To configure the system run setup or check the first post for more info.

DaleS said...

Is it possible to add pkgtrans to an existing installation so that I can install webmin? If not is there another way to add webmin to an existing installation?

Marco Falchi said...


i can install EON NAS on xVM Xen Opensolaris ???

Andre Lue said...


I have tested it on:
VMware Fusion, workstation and ESXi
but not Xen. I'm thinking it should work fine there also. Please report your findings if you get a chance to test.