Wednesday, December 21, 2011

EON ZFS Storage 1.0Beta based on oi 151a release!

I promised everyone patiently awaiting the new release, a pre Dec 25th gift and HERE IT IS!!! Lots of hard work went into giving this release life. It has undergone many hours testing so I could deliver another "rock solid" release. This build, required 2 virtual machines, 3 physical test machines and 3 compilers. Please enjoy and feel free to post feedback or any anomalies encountered. I hope EON continues to store all your precious digital moments!

New to EON, read here first! Upgrading, read here first!
For new setups, before running "setup":
cd /mnt/eon0/bin
./slinky r
./slinky c
If your EON Storage is internet connected. The EON ISO can be retrieved using wget.
After running setup(new setup) or (upgrade/backup). Re-check/edit your POOL=poolname in /mnt/eon0/.exec.
This is an option to edit "YOUR_POOLNAME" with a simple command if you wish to avoid "vi" (substitute your pool name where "YOUR_POOLNAME" appears). A backup file will be saved as .exec.bak
cd /mnt/eon0
sed -i.bak 's|=abyss|=YOUR_POOLNAME|g' .exec
An alternate upgrade option, using a spare USB key. Perform a new setup and then a forced zpool import to test. Perform the necessary tests and make sure all is ok before running:
zpool import -a -f /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon
After running the new install for a few days and triple checking everything is ok. Only zpool/zfs upgrade is left, to access the new features of zpool version 28 and zfs version 5. Note that once zpool/zfs upgrade is done, there is NO GOING BACK to the older version.
zpool upgrade poolname
zfs upgrade -r poolname

EON 64-bit x86 CIFS ISO image version 1.0b (NO HTTPD)
EON 64-bit x86 Samba ISO image version 1.0b (NO HTTPD)
EON 32-bit x86 CIFS ISO image version 1.0b (NO HTTPD)
EON 32-bit x86 Samba ISO image version 1.0b (NO HTTPD)
Binary Kit 1.0:
  • binary kit 1.0 (Released 22-February-2012)
  • rail (remote internet package installer)
  • emp (EON multi-purpose program)
Pre-requisite: If you had a previous binary kit installed
cd /your_zpool
mv local old-local
mkdir local
If this is the first time using the binary kit
cd /your_zpool
mkdir local
Perform the following on the EON command line to install the latest binary kit, remote installer and more. Most of these steps are one time only to add the bits that were not ready at release time. They will be self updating from here on. You can simply copy and paste 1 line at a time in an ssh session. Run "rail" to see more usage options.
cd /mnt/eon0/bin
./slinky wget
wget -q -U mozilla -O slinky
wget -q -U mozilla -O md5sum
wget -q -U mozilla -O /usr/bin/rail
chmod 755 md5sum slinky /bin/rail
./slinky md5
rail install emp
rail install binkit
rail install perl
Web Server: Installing a web server (apache, lighttpd or nginx). Browse to your IP after starting a web server to see links to various apps. Run "emp" to see usage options. More detailed how to here.
rail install apache (to generate unique self-signed certificate) 
emp apache start
Transmission: Edit /usr/local/transmission/settings.json to allow your client IP before starting Transmission Bit Torrent client
rpc-whitelist": ",IP_address_of_client",
rpc-whitelist": ",",
emp transmission start
Python is a requirement for SABnzbd, Sickbeard and CouchPotato.
rail install python
SABnzbd: Installing and starting SABnzbd. More detailed how to here.
cd /tmp
wget -O sabnzbd.tar.gz
gzip -dc sabnzbd.tar.gz | tar -xf -
mv SABnzbd-0.6.15 /usr/local/sabnzb
emp sabnzb start
Sickbeard: Installing and starting Sickbeard. More detailed how to here.
cd /tmp
wget -O sickbeard.tar.gz --no-check-certificate
gzip -dc sickbeard.tar.gz | gtar -xf -
mv midgetspy-Sick-Beard-911f5d1 /usr/local/sickbeard
emp sickbeard start
CouchPotato: Installing and starting CouchPotato. More detailed how to here.
cd /tmp
wget -O --no-check-certificate
unzip -q -aa
mv RuudBurger-CouchPotato-6970c10 /usr/local/couchpotato
emp couchpotato start 
  • New ZPOOL (version 28) and ZFS (version 5)
  • Perl 5.10.0 (full version, user customizable) moved to the binary kit, requires a new setup step (slinky)
  • New Binary Kit is semi-mandatory (needed for S.M.A.R.T and more)
  • New/Updated administration and statistics binaries.
  • Simple appliance package downloader and installer (more info to come)
  • kernel line addition "-B disable-pcieb=true" under VMware. ESXi, Fusion, no longer required.
 S T O R E   I T   Y O U R   W A Y !