Wednesday, October 21, 2015

EON ZFS Storage 151a9-071215 release!

New to EON, read here first! Upgrading, read here first!
For new setups:
If your EON Storage is internet connected. The EON ISO can be retrieved using wget.
After running setup(new setup) or (upgrade/backup). Re-check/edit your POOL=poolname in /mnt/eon0/.exec.
This is an option to edit "YOUR_POOLNAME" with a simple command if you wish to avoid "vi" (substitute your pool name where "YOUR_POOLNAME" appears). A backup file will be saved as .exec.bak
cd /mnt/eon0
sed -i.bak 's|=abyss|=YOUR_POOLNAME|g' .exec
An alternate upgrade option, using a spare USB key. Perform a new setup and then a forced zpool import to test. Perform the necessary tests and make sure all is ok before running:
zpool import -a -f /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon
After running the new install for a few days and triple checking everything is ok. Only zpool/zfs upgrade is left, to access the new features of zpool version 28 and zfs version 5. Note that once zpool/zfs upgrade is done, there is NO GOING BACK to the older version.
zpool upgrade poolname
zfs upgrade -r poolname
EON 64-bit x86 CIFS ISO image version 151a9-071215
  • eon-cifs-151a9-071215.iso ( no mirror )
  • MD5: 5c96f7f7aed83d0e0e88d55b4d46b925
  • Released: Wednesday 21-October-2015 (size: ~100MB)
EON 64-bit x86 CIFS KVM ISO image version 151a9-122315
  • eon-kvm-151a9-122315.iso ( no mirror )
  • MD5: 725d72a9b5b7d02801f2ef2e177907ac
  • Released: Saturday 26-December-2015 (size: ~109MB)
  • Note: KVM requires a Core i3 or higher Intel CPU
EON 64-bit x86 Samba ISO image version 151a9-071215 (NO HTTPD)
  • Status: Discontinued
EON 32-bit x86 CIFS ISO image version 151a9-122815 EON(commercial version eye candy) + awesome (window manager)