Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quik start steps to cool ZFS storage

- Blank CD/DVD
- USB drive or CF flash + IDE adapter or Disk on Module
- A PC that can boot from USB and supports 3+ Hard Drives with 1GB or more RAM

To get started:
1. First step is to download and burn the latest iso (EON 0.58.9 snv_104)
2. Boot your target pc with the CD burned in step 1
3. Insert the USB drive you will install EON on(NOTE: All data on the USB drive will be LOST!).
4. Log in as user: "root" password: "eonsolaris" and run "/usr/bin/"
5. Choose the USB drive as the destination (NOTE: All data on the USB drive will be lost)
6. After the install completes ( < 5 min) , run "/usr/sbin/init 0" to halt EON.
7. Eject CD and reboot (CTRL-ATL-DEL) using the USB drive. Please be sure USB drive is before CD in the boot order in the system bios.

If all went well EON will begin booting from the USB drive.