Friday, November 20, 2009

Using napp-it webadmin with your EON ZFS storage

Many have asked for a web interface to administer their EON ZFS storage. I started a FreeNAS interface port a while back but time and keeping pace with their development proved unsustainable. I shared it in the download section as Freon for someone with better PHP resources to complete. I also posted a webmin howto a while back. The webmin web user admin, lacks only a ZFS and a CIFS module. It contains a Samba module which may be easy for one of you Perl guru's out there to extend as a CIFS module.

Prerequisites: This exercise assumes the binary kit is installed, for unzip. Or unzip with winzip and drag the folder into a CIFS share onto the storage, then run the following within the napp-it directory to correct the proper unix carriage return:
find . -type f -print | xargs -I {} dos2unix -ascii {} {}
Another option, written by Alka Guenther for nexenta, called napp-it was extended to work with EON. He has a running thread on Here are the steps I took to get it running on my ZFS storage after downloading napp-it v 0.210. I transferred it to /tmp/ Then
cd /var/apache2/2.2/cgi-bin
unzip -aa /tmp/
chown webservd:webservd napp-it
cd napp-it
chmod -R 755 ./*
Next we vi/edit and comment (line 42 in v 0.210) the following
use CGI::Carp qw (fatalsToBrowser);
#use CGI::Carp qw (fatalsToBrowser);
And that's pretty much it. We point the browser to http://EON_ZFS_IP/cgi-bin/napp-it/ and you should be greeted by a login with no password, which you can immediately change. It is very configurable and I really liked the console command feature. So give it a try and help improve it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

How is EON ZFS storage working for you?

For release 0.59.5 based on snv_125 I am thinking of adding 2 more images. A 64-bit CIFS and Samba version without any embedded web server. These images would be able add a web server based on lighttpd, if needed. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this? With the great news that ZFS de-duplication is complete, we can hope to see a SXCE release. Many thanks to Jeff Bonwick, Bill Moore, Mark Maybee, Matt Ahrens, Adam Leventhal, George Wilson, Robin Guo and all the engineers who made this happen.

I would also appreciate your feedback/review in format(pros:, cons:, and other thoughts:), to understand how EON ZFS storage is filling/failing your storage needs, thus far. I may not be able to address all needs but it would be great to understand how EON is working with you, whether it's good, bad or indifferent.

Update for future releases based on feedback:
- shift SUNWhd, S.M.A.R.T and rsync to the core image, instead of the binary kit.
- attempt to add more intel, broadcom nic drivers. (Note: not all drivers can be added because of image size contribution. Also I have no way of testing with certain hardware. There is a mechanism to add your own drivers)
- add 2 new 64-bit CIFS and Samba versions, with NO HTTP service. Will rely on external lighttpd, if HTTP service is needed.
- add COMSTAR, to replace iscsitgtd.
- documentation to help new to opensolaris, beginners and less technical audience. It would help greatly if you, the user would document or do write-ups, based on your experiences and challenges with EON. I could add the write-up to the wiki to help others. Proper credit will be given for your work.