Wednesday, February 25, 2009

EON boot chart

Bootchart is a tool for performance analysis and visualization of the boot process. With the help of some boot chart programs and process shared by Alex (1, 2), the creator of Milax I created a boot chart of EON. This shows the 32-bit CIFS version completely booted in under 28 secs. I need investigate why the CPU data on top isn't being plotted.

The original Opensolaris bootchart work was done by Erick Shrock and Dan Price in dtrace but the code was not released.
EON 32-bit CIFS Boot Chart: booted from USB < 28sec
EON 32-bit Samba: booted with 2 zpools (CPU data fixed)
EON 64-bit CIFS: booted with 2 zpools


alhazred said...

You can now also draw cpu graph - look at my blog.

Andre said...

Corrected a typo and now I have the proper CPU/proc_stat.log formatting.

Boot charts are cool!