Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sharing quick start guide

An updated version of this post can be seen here.
CIFS quick start guide

1. Create zpool and directory/zfs for user
(eg substitute your own zpool name for "pool", user for "username", stor or create new group for "guid"
zfs create -o casesensitivity=mixed -o sharesmb=on pool/username
zfs set sharesmb=name=sharename pool/user
zfs set compression=on pool/username or
zfs set compression=gzip pool/username
2. Step 1 of the Samba quick start guide and
passwd username
3 Set permissions on share directory/zfs
cd /pool
chown username:guid username
chmod 755 username
Samba quick start guide
1. Add user(s) to system account
useradd  -u uid -g guid -s /bin/false username
# useradd -u 551 -g 500 -s /bin/false user1
2. Add user(s) to samba account
smbpasswd -U username -a
# smbpasswd -U user1 -a
enter and confirm the password

On your windows machine
Start -> Run
enter username/password set from step 2 of Samba quick start

Tim Thomas has a good article on CIFS configuration for further understanding.
Alan Wright has a good blog entry on Client side Caching. More on Active Directory Integration, Shares and Permissions (ZFS acl settings)

More on building your own fileserver. Breden has a great article here.


Flight16 said...

I'm a complete newb to opensolaris and zfs, but:

zfs set sharesmb=name=blah vhdd
cannot set property for 'vhdd': 'sharesmb' cannot be set to invalid options.

A sidenote: I think a wiki would be great for Eon so others would be able to edit and update guides and configuration info.

Andre Lue said...


A discuss, wiki and FAQ link has been added to make things easier. It's a work in progress to try to make the instructions more understandable and new user friendly. I appreciate the feedback.

Regarding the error, a zpool create pool devices, is needed before zfs set.

Hope you got it resolved. If not feel free to post back or start a new thread in the discuss section.

Andre Lue said...


This post has a more updated wiki entry. Please see it also.