Friday, August 17, 2012

EON + KVM gives Win 7, FreeNAS and Linux the boot!

EON with the addition of KVM hypervisor is shown giving the "boot" to a Win 7, FreeNAS, and Damn Small Linux. Also booted itself. This is still in early development and testing.


meastp said...

Wow! This is awesome! :)

I have been pondering with the idea of a combination of virtual machines and storage in a single server -- this will be perfect!

Looking forward to KVM on EON!

BTW: is the LSI SAS1068E PCIe RAID card supported on EON?

Jim Doyle said...

Great news! I think reducing EON down to a VM hypervisor, ZFS host and core NFS/CIFS/SMB/iSCSI server will vastly simplify the maint+release process. The "add-on" features like Media Service and Web admin applications can be moved to lightweight virtual machines, or even Zones that ride the EON root install.

Jesus Sandoval said...

I have been looking for something like this, and found a project named SmartOS that has: Boots in Memory, Solaris Based (Illumos) and KVM Hipervisor.
I love Eon Going this way. I am a developer, I like to contribute but don't know how to get started.
I'll be checking this blog for news about this.
Thanks Andre

Andre Lue said...

Hi Jesus,

There are quite a few big items you could get involved with:
- Feature rich web admin
- HA cluster compile, testing and integration
- How To Guides (NFS, Active Dir/LDAP, Trunking, more)

Jesus Sandoval said...

Hi Andre

Well maybe the easiest path to begin helping is start helping with Howto guides.
Let me know how can I start.


Denis J. Cirulis said...

Is somebody already started the process of development on web admin interface ? I want to help the project, maybe I can collaborate with someone ?

Andre Lue said...

Hi Jesus, Denis,

One specification guideline for starters, maybe take a look at the latest django tree/port of freeNAS. It is a self contained web server, developed using django.

If you have howto guides, program configs, etc you wish to share, feel free to send it to eonstore AT gmail dot com and it will get posted with the proper credits.

linux said...

steps to configure FTP Server with Users Authentication

Anonymous said...


My hardware does not support KVM, but I'd like to have virtualization on my server. Any help getting Virtualbox on EON?