Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Compiling rsync and your own binaries for EON

You have probably noticed xsconf.program (eg xsconf.rsync) name in the download section and wondered how it's used? Here's a video that will hopefully answer that and help if you wish to compile your own binaries (eg rsync) or other open source packages. The notes.program name (eg notes.rsync) contains where to get the source code and any notes/tips/edits needed for a successful compile. A pre-requisite for this exercise is a sunstudio 12 and/or gcc compiler. After the compilers are downloaded and installed on a solaris/unix system you can follow the steps in the video. Most likely you will need both sunstudio and gcc, as some code will not properly compile with the Sunstudio compiler. To build the best optimized binaries, I personally always try to use the SunStudio compiler and linker. Enough of the boring details, on with building a 64-bit version of rsync. Happy compiling ...


valk said...

Hi there Andre,

I hope you could help me with this. I am new to Unix and even Linux and I can't manage to get my Adaptec Raid controller (Marvell mv88SX6081 based) to work with EON Storage.

The driver seems to be available (marvell88sx) but my card is not recognized and when i try to load the driver manually it says that de device could not be attached.

Hope you or someone could help.



valk said...

Hi there,

I forgot to mention that my adaptec, Marvell mv88SX6081 based card is embedded on my motherboard (supermicro X6DHT-G).

Do you think that is why it is not recognized by EON ?



Andre Lue said...

Hi Valk,

That card should work from what I've seen. But I've also seen posts where it did not work.

I've noted seen the following notes with that card:
- port multiplier does not work
- make sure it's running the latest bios revision (not sure how this works in your case since its integrated into your motherboard)
- raid mode disabled in the bios, using JBOD mode.

Kindly start a thread in the discuss section and post the contents of /var/adm/messages (looking for the marvell 88sx entries at boot)

Patrick said...


I noticed you are working on mediatomb. I have been using eon for plain sotrage since december but would like ot use it instead of my computer as a media server. I tried compiling php for jinzora but it said my compiliers dont work. Would you be able to create a write up to walk through step by step a fresh install of eon through adding compliers, webserver, mediatomb, etc. I stream to my PS3 and this would be great. I could donate/paypal for your time.


Andre Lue said...

Hi Patrick,

PHP and libphp are already included in the binary kit. Follow that post to add those binaries.

I will post mediatomb and the build howto when I have a chance. Got some touches to add and test first. Mediatomb is quite a tall order to compile. You'll see the compile howto when it's posted.

Andre Lue said...

Hi Patrick,

The mediatomb package has been posted to the download section (mtombaa, mtombab). A howto will be posted shortly as time permits.

The binary kit must be installed in order to install/run the mediatomb package.

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