Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The SUN has set, for the last time!

On January 27th at approximately 9:50am, Oracle completed it's acquisition of Sun Microsystems for 7.4 billion all cash. The price is quite a steal considering Sun's history of innovations. It is also personally quite sad to see one of the greatest engineering companies in my lifetime, like a beautiful descending Sun-set, descend beyond the horizon.

I was introduced to SunOS over 15 years ago when I had to take an electrical engineering class (Feedback Control Systems) that required running simulations on MatLab. They were the early days of the world wide web and the beginning of an engineering love/career. My internships, from there on were Sun and Solaris related. One beautiful summer, I went to The Herff College of Engineering in Memphis to learn and port a Cochlear model written in C by Dr. T Wilson, to Java. Without plans to do so, I made a career on something I learned and loved, as a sidebar tool. That tool was engineered by Sun Microsystems and for this I humbly say, THANKS for the great ride and memories, ... thanks to everyone who made Sun Microsystems what it became, is, was. It will be missed ...

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thirdwheel said...

It is indeed a sad day for all that is Sun. It'll be interesting to see what happens to Solaris and MySQL - pretty much direct competitors to Oracle Linux and the Oracle DBMS respectively.