Thursday, December 3, 2009

EON ZFS Storage 0.59.5 based on snv 125 released!

Embedded Operating system/Networking (EON), RAM based live ZFS NAS appliance is released on Genunix! Many thanks to Al Hopper and for download hosting and serving the opensolaris community.

EON ZFS storage is available in 32 and 64-bit, CIFS and Samba versions:
tryitEON 64-bit x86 CIFS ISO image version 0.59.5 based on snv_125
tryitEON 64-bit x86 Samba ISO image version 0.59.5 based on snv_125
tryitEON 32-bit x86 CIFS ISO image version 0.59.5 based on snv_125
tryitEON 32-bit x86 Samba ISO image version 0.59.5 based on snv_125
tryitEON 64-bit x86 CIFS ISO image version 0.59.5 based on snv_125 (NO HTTPD)

tryitEON 64-bit x86 Samba ISO image version 0.59.5 based on snv_125 (NO HTTPD)
- removed iscsitgd and replaced it with COMSTAR (iscsit, stmf, itadm)
- added SUNWhd to image vs being in the binary kit.
- added rsync to image vs being in the binary kit. Updated version of rsync supports IPv6.
- added nge, yge and yukonx drivers.
- added (/etc/inet/hosts, /etc/default/init) to /mnt/eon0/.backup (TIMEZONE and hostname change fix)
- fixed error entry /mnt/eon0/.exec. Changed "zpool -a" to "zpool import -a"
- eon rebooting at grub(since snv_122) in ESXi, Fusion and various versions of VMware workstation. This is related to bug 6820576. Workaround, at grub press e and add on the end of the kernel line "-B disable-pcieb=true"


Max said...

Excellent! Thanks Andre!

Now, how about svn128a & dedup? :-p

patrik said...

Hi Andre!

Great work as usual! I noticed that 32 bit images sans httpd where "missing". Wouldn't setups running 32 bit images likely be the kind of resource constrained target that would benefit the most from dropping httpd?

Perhaps the installer could be extended a bit to prevent you from having to spin all those images with each release.

The installer could let the user choose which optional components to install such as httpd streaming server and what have you. Maybe even have the installer being able to let you choose cifs/samba and 32/64 bits. I guess the actual choices affecting kernel type would have to be done by the user as early as the grub menu to make sure the kernel he/she is about to install actually runs on the designated hardware. The installer could certainly make sure that the running kernel is the one installed though.


Andre Lue said...


SXCE 128 not yet released, possibly tomorrow night if the release schedule is met. I can jump straight to it next but there is really no rush as a "zpool upgrade" will get you there when it becomes available. It may also give us time to hear about any possible bugs :). We are almost there I will try to get to it quickly.


For the 32bit image, disabling apache22 "svcadm disable apache22" and preserving the image, is close enough to a 32bit image with no httpd.

Extending the installer to do what you requested would be nice but is a gargantuan task. It is the same task achieved by the build kit but dynamically. It also suffers chicken and egg dynamics.

patrik said...


Disabling the service and updating the image doesn't seem to rid the ramdisk of the 10MB Apache files under /usr/apache2. Isn't the idea behind an apacheless version to conserve resources?

Out of curiosity, would you care to elaborate a bit on the chicken and the eggs?


Andre Lue said...


I agree on sizing as small as possible (it is a primary criteria in EON's design) and stated the size was close but difference is not much to yield a striking difference in performance for the 32bit image. The pure storage version was released only in 64bit format because you can really shoot the performance curve.

There is a .purge mechanism to permanently remove drivers and bits you do not need but I have never tested it to purge apache. You can also do rm -rf /usr/apache to re-gain even more RAM making the difference even more negligible.

It would be a chicken an egg scenario because the build process requires tools that are not in eon and dynamic decisions would require having the superset of SXCE software to create the subset the user chooses. My focus is shifting to putting my time in IPS as SXCE will be EOL'd, unless there is a miracle in the 25th hr.

dimsoft said...

the differences between versions

dimsoft said...

how to manage the new iscsi
what command?

Andre said...

Any chance of getting the Compaq drivers rolled into the ISO for those of us with these systems? This blog has a good reference for the drivers and instructions:

Andre Lue said...

eon-0.595-125-64-cifs.iso - contains apache webserver
eon-0.595-125-64-cifs-min.iso - contains same as above except no webserver

itadm create-target to create a iscsi target. The new COMSTAR iscsi is more superior but also more complex. See more Here


Adding the driver is not the problem. The problem is when you get a degraded drive on that array. More here

Joe said...

Where can I find documentation on EON?

Andre Lue said...


You can find information via the Wiki, FAQ (upper right of blog) and blog archive links (mid-lower right side)

Feel free to start thread via Discuss if you have a problem. I will try to help.

dmitry.sorokin said...

Now 128a is out, I really, really want to put my hands on EON dedup powered storage :-)
Also I heard somewhere that 127 introduces zpool recovery in case ZIL is gone/damaged. That one is a must have, as most ZILs are battery backed or SSDs are not mirrored, so could be potential single point of failure.

Thanks for a great job as always!
Any news on donation/contribution mechanism yet?


Andrew said...

Andre, thank you for new release.
I want use EON on HARDWARE RAID without split it on single disks.
How I may add necessary drivers to EON? I already download last SXCE.
Thank you.

Andre Lue said...


128a is a opensolaris release, not SXCE. The latest SXCE is still at snv 127. snv 128 will be skipped because of a CR 6903705.


If you know which driver then see the "how to add a driver" post in the blog archives.

dmitry.sorokin said...

Thanks Andre.
Fair enough. But still can't wait for 129 based EON!


ìgbàlonígbàńlò said...

125 stalls when I try to use run /usr/bin/ within virtualbox to dump it onto the flash while v124 runs fine. What gives?

Andre Lue said...


Try running sh -x /usr/bin/ and post back the output to a discussion thread or I will take a look.

drewpca said... under VirtualBox (to a usb disk presented as a virtual hard disk) worked fine for me, FWIW. always stalls, however, both under VirtualBox and a real laptop. It gets this far: /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon
Updating files in /mnt/eon0/.backup to x86.eon
backup in /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon.1
/mnt/eon0/.backup: OK
gzcat /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon > /tmp/x86.1753

After that, ^C and ^Z are echoed, but they don't work.

I also tried this version on my H340 EasyStore with the yukon ethernet card. While there was a nice block of text at startup about bringing the network card up, 'ifconfig -a' only showed two loopback devices. Following on an older EON version made this successful device:

eon:39:/var/svc/manifest/network#ifconfig yukonx0
yukonx0: flags=1004843 mtu 1500 index 2
inet netmask ffff0000 broadcast
ether 0:26:2d:0:3a:bc


drewpca said...

Correction, ^Z works but is really slow (several minutes). I tried to run dmesg and vmstat, but got "-bash: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable".

If this fails, I'll try some machines with more RAM, and maybe try to keep an eye on the processes while updimg runs.

Andre Lue said...

drewpca, stalling there means the virtual machine does not have enough RAM to unpack + running size.

You can either temporarily bump the virtual machine's memory or add a zfs swap before running

Mark said...

one of your Amazon wishlist items is on its way! I'm not sure, but it seemed like items carried by Amazon were easiest to send to you, vs. things from NewEgg, due to how Amazon handles your shipping address automatically. So to help out your "Secret Santas", I'd relist items like the Intel Atom 330 ITX board to point to the Amazon item instead.

And if you prefer cash, just goggle the phrase "paypal donation button" and the first link will show you how simple it is to add the appropriate HTML snippet for a button to add to your blog.

Andre Lue said...


You are too kind. Thank you very much for your kind thoughts and appreciation! It will be put to good use.

Peter J. Lu said...

If I'm not mistaken, if you turn on dedupe for a pool that already has data, that existing data will not be deduped, right? For that reason, I think we're all very eagerly awaiting the next version of EON, since i've already put together some large pools that are deduplicated, but want to use EON instead of the full OpenSolaris installation on the fileserver machine right now (which requires an extra hard drive, etc. etc.).

Also, can you re-check your Amazon list? There was no address entered (the link goes to a list for a person named "Sean"), and so when I added one of the items to send to you, it only presented my address as a possible destination...

Andre Lue said...


You are absolutely correct. Data already in the pool will not be deduped, unless you copy the data in again after dedupe is turned on. SNV_129 is ready for release, with the exception of the hotplug bug which I am burning cycles on. I have other concerns with the send/receive feature and dedupe. See the 2 dedupe related posts near upper right for more details. If you use those features, I would be cautious using them with dedupe.

Sean is my nickname. Let me know if an address still does not show.

Peter J. Lu said...


Thanks again for all of your hard work. Hopefully you'll get the Syba SATA II card from Amazon sometime soon, as a token of gratitude for everything!

So what exactly is the problem with send/receive and dedup?


Andre Lue said...


Much appreciated, THANK you very much! I will try to post some performance feedback in the near future.

Regarding send/receive it's more about a hunch based on a few posts (zfs discuss) seen with dedupe and send/receive. Nothing concrete. BTW, dedupe release of EON is now available. Hope it lives up to your expectations.

Peter J. Lu said...

By the way, I was wondering if you had a recommendation for a 2-port SATA card. I ordered an Adaptec 1205SA from Ebay, but it didn't work. So I'm getting refunded. There are a few ones from Syba off of Newegg that are cheap; is there one that you would recommend I try? It's for an older box, for which I need to add SATA with a PCI (not PCIe) card. Thanks.

Andre Lue said...


I'd recommend the same one you so kindly got me. The interface will work with PCI. Why, the 2 port unit from syba with the sil 3124 costs about the same and you can use the 4 port unit with room for growth later.