Thursday, May 21, 2009

EON ZFS NAS snv_114 preview

Here is a preview of EON ZFS NAS based on snv_114. This release fixes some opensolaris and EON bugs (multi-cpu support, smbadm join domain core dumping/crashing). I would also like your feedback on the addition of dtrace? Will it bring value and add use for you? The intention is to use xmlrpc and dtrace to help with display metrics and information for the future webgui/bui administration interface


Robert said...

Hi Andre,

I'm testing at the moment your great NAS distribution.
If everything works well - which it does right now - I'll replace the fat opensolaris installation on my 12TB storage box (cifs & iscsi).

One question btw.: How can I prevent the OS from generating a new ssh key on each reboot (if installed on a cf card)?


Robert said...

stupid question...
I just had to edit /usr/bin/

remove all lines starting with "/etc/ssh"
and add one line "/etc/ssh/*"

with the next run all ssh config files will be saved in the image, the is in the list by default.


Andre Lue said...


Not stupid at all. It shows if its clear or the info is buried. Glad you got it figured and add clear notes.

This is fixed in as you noted in 114 and the files list separated from the script. Thanks for the feedback.