Tuesday, March 17, 2009

EON snv_109 is alive

Here is a beta preview of EON ZFS NAS based on snv_109. Yes, it is alive. There are 2 build bugs that I am trying to resolve. A core on rtc and some manifest-import at boot time control. I will try to resolve and release this image as soon as possible. Note that with release snv_109 we get ACL shares on CIFS. ACLs on shares brings better compatibility with the Microsoft implementation and allows more control over access than the CIFS server previously supported. The "shares" file /pool/fs/.zfs/shares is shown at the end of the video. I wanted to find out why multi-core CPU support is showing incorrectly (kstat, mpstat, psrinfo) for this release but that may have to wait.


DM said...

Great! Am looking to playing and contributing when the build environment / scripts are released.

btw - snv_110 is now available on the link you mention above for snv_109.


Andre Lue said...


Here you go.

Andre Lue said...


Looking forward to any feedback or value adds you may have.