Friday, November 21, 2008

EON Storage use and audience

EON is for an audience seeking an easy to use, rock solid (ZFS), no nonsense storage solution utilizing hardware you already own. It is a small live image OS built on Opensolaris that will help transform a system (optimal: 1Gb or more RAM) that can support 3 or more hard disks into a reliable home storage solution for all your digital data and memories.

The ideal install is a USB drive, IDE-CF adapter or Disk on Module. The live CD ISO is mostly for demonstration and testing purposes because of the read only nature. It also serves as an installation point to a USB, IDE-CF (compact flash) media or hard disk where changes and customizations can be preserved beyond reboots.

Note, with a hard disk install you give up the advantage of being one hard drive's worth of power consumption greener and you re-introduce the failure points associated with hard disks. A USB, CF or Disk on Module install is greener and just as efficient.

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